New FLEX-ING™ Hose Fittings

After extensive design and testing, Franklin Fueling Systems is pleased to announce the launch of our new swivel and fixed fittings for our most popular FLEX-ING™ brand fuel hoses. The completely re-designed fittings come standard on all Hardwall, Softwall, Marina, and Cold-Weather hoses to deliver you a durable, reliable, and safe fuel hose solution.

New Swivel Fitting Construction

  1. Insert (Nickel plated steel with chrome flash finish)
  2. Nut & fixed fitting (AL chrome conversion coated)
  3. Front bushing (injection modeled Acetal)
  4. Rear bushing (injection molded Acetal)
  5. Conductive spring (302 tempered stainless steel)
  6. O-rings (Viton™)

The new nickel plated steel fittings are now coated with an additional chrome flash finish. This extra level of protection helps to prevent both rust and accelerated wear. Our fittings now feature a longer thread with a more exacting taper to ensure a liquid-tight connection that will not bottom out before full tightening.

Added Assurance

With the new design, the swivel fitting insert (1)  features a lip (2) that sits outside of the swivel nut (3). This keeps the fitting body (4) securely in place, resisting pull-out from the hose ferrule (5).

These new fittings have already begun shipping on new Hardwall, Softwall, Marina, and Cold-Weather hoses. Please note there are no changes in pricing with these enhanced new standard fittings.

Read and download the Tech Bulletin here.

Read and download the updated Installation Guide here. 

Petroleum Solutions, Inc. Attend FFS PRO: Live Workshop

An FFS PRO: University Live Training Workshop was held for Petroleum Solutions Inc. at their offices in San Antonio, Texas USA. Construction teams from San Antonio, Austin and Abilene, Texas were in attendance. Training was conducted on Franklin’s Overfill Prevention Valve and Flexible Connectors, and included safety training.

All attendees received a free FFS PRO hi-viz safety vest and Forecourt Guide as part of Project Hi-Viz, an initiative from Franklin Fueling Systems to increase safety awareness at petroleum equipment installation job sites across the world. Project Hi-Viz provides free hi-viz vests and promotional material on safety awareness, including free job site posters and free forecourt guides.

To find out more about Project Hi-Viz, please visit You can order your free Forecourt Guides here.