Backup Generator Control & Monitoring

The INCON™ brand TS-550 evo™ fuel management system can be used for more than just tank gauging and leak detection. See how one customer applied it’s powerful features to a generator fuel system with UPP™ brand pipework.

Lescure Company of Lafayette, California USA needed a fuel system controller to help them with a wastewater treatment backup generator project. They needed inventory management, leak
detection sensors, hydrostatic and vacuum monitoring, as well as day tank fuel cycle controls. Normally this requires two separate systems: one for leak detection and one for fuel control. They
also required a double wall pipework system that could easily be integrated into their fuel management system for full secondary containment space monitoring.

The TS-550 evo™ system fit the bill perfectly, consolidating functions into one system for both operations. At the same time the system offered the client a more sophisticated yet intuitive user
interface along with remote access and email notifications. The UPP™ pipework system was also integrated with the tank gauge to provide full secondary containment monitoring.

“Using the TS-550 evo™ and UPP™ pipework together in our design always gives us confidence in knowing we are using the best product with the best platform. We
can deliver a system to our customers that is efficient as well as dependable for decades to come.” – Brian Lescure, Safety & Fuel Oil Manager, Lescure Company INC

The combined system provided substantial cost savings by reducing the amount of equipment, simplifying wiring, and interfacing with the pipework.


  • INCON™ TS-550 evo™ fuel management system
  • INCON™ secondary containment monitoring (SCM)
  • UPP™ 2” double wall pipework with Gemini™ fittings
  • APT™ single wall fiberglass dispenser sumps

Download the PDF of this case study here.