How Are Submersible Pumping Systems Evolving?

Innovative new models provide key new features to meet developing customer demands.

As biofuel options become more prevalent, service stations will need to adapt to higher blends and the new challenges that these advances represent. The MLD+ range of FE Petro™ Brand Mechanical Leak Detectors are a good example of equipment that is evolving to meet new requirements.

Introducing two models to meet the needs of biofuel applications, the MLD+ range includes the MLD+AG for gasoline with up to 85% Ethanol and the MLD+BD for diesel
with up to 20% biodiesel or 100% biodiesel. An indicator of considered design, color-coded covers easily identify the model to the application: gold for biodiesel and blue for alcohol gas, greatly increasing ease of use.

Today’s rapidly developing technologies and industrial products frequently carry with them the increased generation of materials that, if improperly dealt with, can threaten both public health and the environment. Service station owners need to ensure that their submersible pumping systems are Third party certified to comply with the necessary standards; particularly US EPA and cULus criteria.

It is these same stringent requirements that partially drove the development of the MLD+ models, which are engineered to meet these standards at even higher concentrations. Featuring a piston style construction with reduced volume, MLD+ reacts quickly and provides more accurate leak detection capabilities. All models are capable of detecting line leaks equivalent to 3 gph at 10 psi (11.4 lph @ 0.70 bar) and can detect leaks up to 10 feet (3 meters) above the point of installation.

With demands varying from site to site it can be difficult to find a solution that is flexible and simple. A simple, flexible design can help to reduce cost of ownership, reduce installation times and greatly improve the efficiency of your site overall. The MLD+ range of FE Petro™ Brand Mechanical Leak Detectors feature a specialized metering pin. This metering pin, unique to only the MLD+, provides precision leak detection for any type of pipework system including flexible, rigid or a combination of the two.

Like the previous MLD models, the MLD+ models utilize a piston-type mechanical line leak detector that provides the highest wide open flow rates and are suitable for installation in FE Petro™ manifold, as well as competitive manifolds and tee housings alike. In addition to the listed biofuel compatibility that the new MLD+ models provide, these new models also offer a decreased installation footprint.

Performance and efficiency are key metrics for any service station owner. While compatible 4” submersible pumps have been available for some time, the market has been lacking in compatible mechanical leak detectors that function at high flow rates. The MLD+ models are capable of handling the wide open flow of the 4” pumps that they are intended to fit, helping to maintain maximum performance from your
submersible pumping system.

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