Making the Switch to Omni Series in Asia

After some unfavorable performance in the field with their current vapour recovery nozzles, Oilgroup Co. (a 16-site marketer in Taiwan) turned to their distributor, Golden Gate Engineering Co., for a new vapour recovery nozzle solution.

Oil Group Co. had been using two competitive brands of vapour recovery nozzles at their retail sites for some time. But when one brand began to experience a spout dripping issues and the other started getting complaints that it was too heavy and not as durable, they began to look for a new solution.

Their local distributor, Golden Gate Engineering Co., supplied them with 54 new Omni Series™ vapour recovery nozzles from Franklin Fueling Systems to see how they would perform. Oil Group Co. experienced significantly fewer problems with the Omni Series™ nozzles and benefited from decreased downtime due to repairs – no to mention increased fuelling performance.

“The Omni Series™ nozzle is the best premium, light weight vapor recovery nozzle on the market. We will continue to adopt it as our preferred brand for busy sites, scooters and self-service islands. We are happy to use the trouble-free premium Omni Series™ nozzles.” – Mr. CY Chen Equipment Manager, Oilgroup

In one year of operation, just one service call was made and only one Omni Series™ nozzle needed to be replaced. On one site in particular Omni Series™ nozzles were used for motorcycle fueling an averaged 700 to 800 uses per day without a problem.


  • Omni Series™ Vapour Recovery Nozzle

Download a Chinese-language version of the case study here, or an English version here.