662 Series Shear Valve Simplifies Global Market Offerings

PFS Fueltec Ltd supply a wide range of fuel storage equipment products to many different customers, including a major global marketer, to locations all over the world. See how they simplified their global market offerings.

PFS Fueltec’s customers provide fueling services all over the world, using multiple fuel types, various attachment options and subject to a wide range of regulations. These diverse requirements resulted in a complicated market offering from PFS, who were looking for a single product that could meet the needs of all of their customers.

The EBW™ brand 662 Series Shear Valve is compatible with various fuel types, has the required global regulatory approvals and maintains customer attachment options.
This makes it the perfect product to help simplify PFS’s global market offering.

Franklin Fueling Systems offers a total system solution, so all our products are created to be adaptable. We also enable customers to place one order for all of their products, so FPS can streamline their ordering process and simplify their market offering with our wide range of versatile products.

We supplied EBW™ 662 shear valves to installers in the UK and feedback was very positive. Now we’re reducing our administration costs by purchasing these valves
in one combined shipment from Franklin, along with UPP™ pipework, FE Petro™ pumps and Incon™ tank gauging.” – Trevor Mason , PFS Fueltec Ltd

The 662 Series Shear Valve enables PFS to utilize one product for all customers across global markets. This simplifies PFS’s global requirements and ensures that all their customer sites can benefit from approved, regulation-compliant emergency valves.


  • EBW™ brand 662 Series Shear Valves

Download a PDF of the case study here.