Easy Entry Boot Installs Keep Sumps Dry

Tightening regulations continue to drive the need for watertight containment around the world. See how one customer is utilizing APT™ brand rigid entry boots to ensure accurate installations that keep their sumps dry.

Water intrusion is one of the biggest expenses that marketers face today. Keeping sumps dry often depends on more than just the quality of the entry boot. The accuracy of the boot installation is also imperative in ensuring liquid-tight containment spaces. Recently a major petroleum marketer turned to Franklin Fueling Systems to provide a simple-to-install entry boot that would allow their installation contractor, Pump & Meter Service of Hopkins, Minnesota USA, to easily achieve accurate installations. The installation process needed to be easy to replicate over hundreds of boot installs throughout the marketer’s network of sites.

The APT rigid entry boot provides that water tight seal that installers require while at the same time it reduces installation time.” – Ron Smith, Construction Manager, Pump & Meter Service

APT™ brand rigid entry boots got the job done for the marketer and the installation contractors. With only a single hole to drill per boot and a bolt-free installation process, installations were fast and easy to carry out. Installers from Pump & Meter Service were able to replicate the easy, liquid-tight installation process over numerous installations during their busy summer build season.

Installers not only saw improved installation accuracy, they experienced a dramatic decrease in installation time, allowing them to complete sites faster.


  • APT™ brand rigid entry boots
  • APT™ brand XP pipework
  • APT™ brand dispenser and tanks sumps

Download the PDF of this case study here.