Double Wall Termination Fittings Save Time

See how contractor Petrocom Ltd. and fuel installation specialist, Forecourt Installation Services, were able to drastically reduce installation time on a UK re-pipe site in July of 2014.

The retailer chose UPP™ Secondary Contained pipework for the suction lines and off-set fill lines. Secondary contained pipework would normally increase installation time, cost and the number of
fittings needed, compared to single wall pipework.

Usually at the end of the pipe runs (underneath the dispensers and the fill point) several different fittings close down the secondary pipe onto the primary, and then transition the primary pipe to
steel. Terminating at ground level like this would mean that a small section of buried pipework before the secondary reducer would not be secondarily contained.

UPP™ Double Wall Termination Fittings were used under the suction dispensers and fill points. These fittings integrate the secondary closure, termination fitting and a length of double wall pipework into one, off-the-shelf product. This made the entire buried section of pipework fully secondarily contained and reduced the number of pipe scrapes, cleans and welds for a faster installation time on site.

“The Double Wall Termination Fittings eliminated a lot of extra work. This site had 22 risers, so we achieved a time savings of at least 5 ½ hours.” – Andrew West, General Manager,
Forecourt Installation Services LTD.

The Double Wall Termination Fittings reduced the number of fittings from 61 to 22, the number of  welds by 39, and the amount of pipe cutting required. This reduced labour time on site by a phenomenal 5½ hours and the quantity of items needed to be stocked by the end user and local UPP™ distributors.


  • 92-125-110-TP BSPT x 5 units
  • 91-075-063-1 TP BSPT x 17 units

Download the PDF for this case study here.