Fueling A Major Automobile Manufacturing Plant

As part of a production line expansion, Jaguar Land Rover of Solihull, UK needed a robust yet compact new vehicle fueling system to suit the expansion. That’s where Franklin Fueling Systems stepped in. 

To save space the new fuel farm would be installed underground. Due to the distance from the fuel farm to the two dispensing locations a pressurized fuel system was required. This system had to be robust and reliable as the production lines run for up to twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Environmental safety was paramount to the client, so integrated leak detection alarm systems were a major part of the fueling systems brief.

The client chose double-skin underground storage tanks, each monitored by a Class 1 over-pressure leak detection system from Franklin subsidiary Cookson and Zinn. All pipelines used UPP™ pipework, with secondary contained pipe for pressure lines and even UPP™ electrical conduit.

FE Petro™ variable-speed submersible fuel pumps were selected; a master and slave pump on each tank running in alternate mode gave N+1 redundancy whilst ensuring both pumps received even usage. Pressure lines were monitored using electronic line leak detection to detect pressure loss in the hydraulic fuel line. Secondary containment monitoring was installed to detect a loss of vacuum held in the interstitial space between the two pipe layers.

All parts of Franklin’s system are designed together to work together so the system was easy to specify and easy to install, run and maintain. The TS-5000 monitoring and control system, in
conjunction with FE Petro™ pumping and UPP™ pipework, contributed to the safe and continuous operation of the fueling system. Since the site was commissioned in 2013 it has operated for an
estimated 25,000 hours and delivered fuel to over 1.2 million new cars on the production line.


  • 8 x 100,000 litre double-skin underground storage tanks
  • 2.61km of UPP™ pipework, including UPP™ 32mm electrical conduit
  • 2 x dispenser sumps
  • 31 x underground manhole chambers
  • 1 x TS-5000 fuel management system console, TS-ELLD line leak detection and TS-SCM secondary containment monitoring
  • 14 x discriminating fuel sensors
  • 16 x FE Petro™ IST-2hp variable speed submersible fuel pumps
  • 16 x EcoVFC™ submersible pump variable frequency controllers