A Faster Way To Install Electrical Systems

A Shell Petrol filling station in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK was selected to trial Franklin Fueling System’s new Cable-Tight Wire Management System. See how this innovative new system made installation a breeze.

When the seal between electrical ducting and containment is poor, due to locally sourced corrugated duct and entry seal solutions not fit for purpose, water can enter into the sump, leading to hefty maintenance costs. Non vapour tight sealing of the duct internals
can be a health and safety hazard, while in-efficient duct sizing and routing can cause installation difficulties and unnecessary costs due to congestion of underground services.

Poorly designed sites often utilize too many drawpits, which can lead to considerable cost implications for the site owner/operator.

Franklin’s Cable-Tight Wire Management System is a non-corrosive, single continuous length piping system that uses electrofusion technology to eliminate leak paths. This provides an engineered ‘total system solution’ for electrical and data cable containment.

Three different diameters of UPP™ ducts helped optimize the system, while patented UPP™ Electrofusion entry seals provided 100% liquid tight seal of the duct to the tank chambers, dispenser sumps and transition chambers.

It’s twice as quick as the old system. Definitely.” – Mark Bradshaw, DRBUK

UPP™ duct supplied in coils eliminated multiple joints compared to sticks to reduce installation time, while the flexible pipe made rolling out and cable pulling simple. The
UPP™ duct seal system also saved time, requiring neither sealing compounds or resins, nor threading cables through sealing glands.

DRBUK installed all electrical systems on site and were impressed with the new system; installation of the cable containment system, including pulling cables and sealing conduits, took 50% less time than usual and saved 11 hours


  • UPP Cable-Tight Wire Management System including:
    • Two UPP™ electrical 760x660mm transition chambers
    • UPP™ ducts in 32mm, 75mm and 110mm
    • UPP 75mm Electrofusion Entry Seals with Integrated Multi-Cable Vapour Seals
    • UPP™ 32mm Electrofusion Entry Seals with Integrated Multi- and single- cable Vapour Seals

Download a PDF of the case study here.