How Can I Save Time And Money On My Installations?

APT™ brand pipework offers a simple, efficient solution to reduce total cost of ownership.Water intrusion into containment spaces is one of the biggest expenses that marketers face today. Tightening regulations continue to drive the need for truly leak-proof containment solutions that are easy to install and can be relied upon for the entire life of the system once concrete is laid. This is where APT™ brand pipework systems can help.

APT™ brand XP piping can be used in both pressure and suction applications and features controlled flexibility even in low temperatures. The XP pipe clamshell tee and elbow fittings allow for an easy space-saving installation by enabling an installer to connect flexible pipe directly into a shear valve riser and eliminate potential leak paths.

APT™ brand rigid entry boots connect XP double wall flexible pipe to containment sumps with unsurpassed installation ease. Requiring only a single 5” entry hole for bolt-free installation, this rigid entry boot completely removes exposed rubber from the connection whilst making installations quick and easy.

An integrated clamp plate seals the boot in place on the sump wall by tightening into place with a spanner wrench. APT™ rigid entry boots are suitable for use on flat and round sump surfaces with models available for both ducted and non-ducted applications, helping simplify the ordering process.

APT™ brand split test boots are designed to make integrity testing of secondary contained XP Flexible Piping simple and easy. Featuring a hinged design, these boots can clamp down over the pipe after it has been installed. The boot locks itself in position between the primary and secondary pipe layers using the stainless steel clamp.

APT™ brand rigid electrical conduit entry boots connect electrical conduit to containment sumps with a significant reduction in installation time. Requiring only a single 2.75” entry hole for installation, this entry boot removes the time consuming process of drilling multiple holes for fastening purposes. A clamping nut and two clamping seals compress the fitting into place against the sump wall by simply tightening it.

Small operations add up to a lot of time over a whole site; our simplified installation process can generate significant savings as site installations are finished faster with less labor. With efficient designs from Franklin Fueling Systems, you can reduce the total cost of ownership for your entire site; faster installations reduce the total cost, simplified solutions mean less costly mistakes and efficient designs mean fewer parts required in stock and less material waste.

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