Safe and Easy Overfill Prevention

A Shell Petrol filling station in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK was scheduled for refurbishment in 2015. Find out how the Defender Series™ OPVs provide safe, fast and accurate installation and testing.

As part of ongoing network investment, a complete refurbishment of this site was scheduled in 2015. Franklin Fueling was asked how to improve Health, Safety, Security and the Environment (HSSE) performance in and around access chambers. Franklin
recommended the Defender Series™ overfill prevention valve (OPV) as a critical piece of equipment to meet these goals.

This OPV, combined with the testing tool, will enable OPV testing without the need for
a second engineer.” – Kevin Airey, Regional Operations Manager, Johnson Controls

The Defender Series™ OPV prevents the overfill of an underground storage tank during a gravity-fed product delivery. A revolutionary magnetically-coupled actuator system provides positive shutoff with no penetrations in the valve, making it both vapor and leak tight. The Defender Series™ OPV avoids the risk of spills due to overfilling an underground storage tank.

A remote testing tool allows fast visual inspection to be conducted by a single person in minutes, without the need to enter the access chamber or remove the OPV; unlike other legacy equipment.


  • Defender Series™ Overfill Prevention Valve

Download a pdf of the case study here.