How Can Pressure Systems Reduce Total Cost Of Ownership?

FE PETRO® brand pressure-driven submersible pump systems set the standard.

Pressure-driven systems are designed to work with less components and less moving parts than suction systems, which reduces installation and service costs while providing maximum uptime. A single tank top mounted pump also keeps dispenser cabinets clear of equipment and noise. Additionally, pressure systems, unlike suction systems, do not suffer from issues with vapor lock and cavitation when pumping at higher elevations, at
higher ambient temperatures, and with longer piping runs.

From installation to operation, a pressure-driven submersible pump system provides unmatched cost saving benefits when compared to a suction system. With pressure systems, a single submersible pump for each product line can supply an entire site
with product through a loop pipework system. This means less pipework is required and the material costs are reduced. A loop pipework system using either UPP® semi rigid or APT® flexible pipe allows for a single pipe run through each dispenser while still providing maximum flow rates.

Suction Systems can experience high energy costs, as they require more motors to do the same amount of work during peak operating hours. FE PETRO® brand pressure system with variable speed submersible turbine pumps (STPs) only consumes as much energy as is needed to achieve the desired flow rates in the system. This results in energy savings during non-peak business hours and increased flow during peak hours, reducing energy costs while providing a faster customer fueling experience, without a transducer or special wiring.

Consider a typical station with three fuel grades, each being delivered at three fueling positions:

Suction System Pressure System
9 Suction Pumps 3 Pump Manifolds
9 Suction Motors 3 pump Motors
9 Air Eliminators 3 Air Eliminators
9 Pulleys / Belts 0 Pulleys / Belts
9 Product Lines 3 Product Lines
45 Total Components 12 Total Components

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