How Can I Extend The Life Of My Submersible Turbine Pumps

What can I do to improve the service life of my submersible turbine pumps?

It is hard to quantify the life expectancy of a Submersible Turbine Pump (STP), as it is not unit replaceable, but rather a combination of serviceable components that can be easily maintained for an extended service life. With FE Petro™ branded STPs, the serviceable
components have remained backward compatible; meaning we can, and still do, support the service life of STPs installed since introduction in 1988. Since day one, FE Petro™ branded STPs have always featured Franklin Electric motors – the industry standard since the 1960’s.

In principle, during normal operation within published specifications, there is little that can “wear out” in a STP. In practice however, debris exists in every tank, which can cause
serviceable components to fail. The use of an FE Petro™ branded Intake Filter Screen (IFS) can stop debris from entering the pumping system without reducing the output
performance for the STP. The IFS can be factory installed on STPs and PMAs, or can be field-retrofitted onto existing FE Petro™ or competitive 4” PMAs. When installed, an IFS adds just 1” to the length of the PMA and provides filtration down to about the size of a grain of sand (0.009” openings).

The only real “moving parts” of the STP are within the pump motor assembly (PMA),  which is normally cooled and lubricated by the product being pumped; meaning running the PMA without product can cause irreparable damage. FE Petro™ branded Smart Controllers and Variable Frequency Controller provide valuable “dry run” detection to protect your PMA. These FE Petro™ branded intelligent controllers can be networked with INCON™ branded fuel management systems via Turbine Pump Interface (TPI) to provide additional protection for your pumping system.

As biofuel use continues to grow, so does the need for third party listed STPs compatible with more than 10% ethanol and 5% biodiesel to future proof. FE Petro™ branded Alcohol-Gas optioned STPs and ISTs are listed for use in gasoline with up to 85% ethanol, with diesel fuels with up to 20% biodiesel, and 100% biodiesel. Built on the framework
of our standard models, replacement items like check valves and PMAs are directly interchangeable, eliminating the need to stock duplicate items for standard and Alcohol-Gas optioned STPs and ISTs.

Available as a factory installed option, Advanced Protection (AP) defends STPs and ISTs from accelerated corrosion caused by the acetic byproduct of microbial activity. Built on the Alcohol-Gas construction, the AP option also includes coated finishes to protect exterior cast surfaces, as well as stainless steel fasteners, riser, variable length column
pipe and coupler to protect against corrosion and provide long service life.

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