How Can I Make The Best Choices For My Pipework System?

UPP™ brand pipework provides best in class solutions for suction and pressure systems.

Since being introduced as the world’s first electrofusion pipework system for fuel applications over thirty years ago, UPP™ semi-rigid pipework has become known globally as the standard for liquid tight pipework systems. Synonymous with words like “safe”, “efficient” and “simple” throughout petroleum equipment installer circles, UPP™ pipework utilises the advanced electrofusion welding process to effectively bond system components together into one, liquid tight system.

UPP™ brand pipework is available in a wide range of options, including single wall, double wall and vent piping, and is perfect for pressure or suction forcourt systems. UPP™ pipework makes it easy to create the perfect pipework system to help reduce cost of ownership and ensure compliance with regional regulations.

UPP™ pipework helps to protect your investment, both in terms of your forecourt equipment and your liquid assets. Electrofusion technology helps create one homogenous system, eliminating potential leak paths. Additionally, UPP™ pipework is robust and flexible, making it easy to install even in the harshest environment. UPP™ piping doesn’t corrode, even in salt water environments, and electrofusion entry seals help prevent liquid entry into sumps.

With installations in over 150 countries to its credit, the UPP™ pipework system boasts a sterling safety record. Thousands of trouble-free existing installations around the world, some of which more than 30 years old, speak to the reliability of this non-conductive, insulating pipework system.

With a pressure system, a single submersible pump for each product line can supply an entire site with product through a loop pipework system – meaning less pipework and less material cost. A loop pipework layout using either UPP™ or APT™ brand semi rigid flexible pipe allows for a single pipe run through each dispenser while still providing maximum flow rates. Customers with pressure systems often choose to select UPP™ double wall piping, to provide extra peace of mind against leaks. With

Gemini™ secondary containment fittings, installation of double wall pipework remains fast and simple, helping site owners benefit from rapid installations. No other EN Market secondary containment system has ever offered the ability to completely install the primary pipework system and execute integrity testing before closing the secondary system. Gemini™ allows Franklin Fueling Systems to provide up to 50% reduction in primary and secondary fittings and up to 50% reduction in fusion weld operations.

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