What Can Flexible Connectors Do For Me?

Station owners can’t rely on perfect installation conditions, but there is a flexible solution.REAL WORLD APPLICATIONS
Installations don’t always go entirely according to plan; tight working conditions and awkward angles can conspire to create real challenges for pipework installations. An ideal solution for imperfect conditions, flexible connectors can help to overcome all sorts of installation challenges; from tight fits and not-quite right measurements to layout and spatial constraints.

Flexible connectors can help to reduce the stress on a pipe run by absorbing line shock. This can help to make the entire pipe run more resilient and decrease the likelihood of pipe failure. When choosing flexible connectors, it is important to make sure that they are UL2039 listed. This listing helps ensure the products are appropriate for use in fueling applications.

UL 2039 listed flex connectors can be used with all readily available motor fuels, making it easy for station owners to gain the same benefits no matter what their fuel requirements. Additionally, there are flexible connectors available specifically for use with DEF / AdBlue®.

With the right equipment, the entire flexible connector assembly can be quickly and easily disconnected and pulled out of the inline system without breaking pipe. This feature makes installation fast and regular maintenance simple to carry out, saving station owners both time and money.

FLEX-ING™ FIREFLEX Flexible Connectors feature 321 stainless steel corrugated fuel contact layers with up to 25% thicker metal construction than competitors, 18-8 stainless steel alloy outer braid and either nickel-plated carbon steel or full stainless steel schedule 80 end fittings. This allows FLEX-ING™ FIREFLEX Flexible Connectors to offer excellent flexibility with superior strength.

FLEX-ING™ flexible connectors offer a unique customisation ability – whatever length you require we can provide as long as you are using standard end fittings. Mix and match pipe lengths and standard end fittings to create the perfect solution for your site requirements. The EZ FIT flange coupling system is specifically designed to make connections in confined spaces simple and tight. Standard male and female end connections with integrated hex-head surfaces provide easy installation and tightening while protecting against deformation of the ends.

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