What Can AutoLearn™ Do For Me?

Your Electronic Line Leak Detection (ELLD) options explained.

AutoLearn™ Electronic Line Leak Detection (ELLD) is a pressure based system that uses line information to monitor changes in pressure during periods of no dispensing to determine if a line is tight. By learning the pressure characteristics of each line,
AutoLearn™ ELLD eliminates configuration errors and ensures unparalleled leak detection accuracy. It is an optional feature of T5 Series fuel management systems.

During the installation process a calibrated leak is introduced during the Learn Process which allows the system to learn the pressure characteristics of the line.

AutoLearn™ ELLD learns the characteristics of each line, eliminating possible configuration errors and ensuring unparalleled leak detection accuracy. Unlike other leak detection systems, AutoLearn™ ELLD experiences significantly fewer false alarms as it does not rely on programmed aspects of the line. AutoLearn™ ELLD offers a reliable alternative to volumetric line leak systems which, while acurate, act as flow restrictors for dispensing and can impact site efficiency.

AutoLearn™ sytems automatically learn the characteristics of each pipeline, without requiring pipe type or length programming. AutoLearn™ systems are able to monitor
flexible, steel and/or fiberglass pipelines in any combination up to certified maximum values and can be used in rigid, flex and rigid/flex piping configuration. AutoLearn™ works with submersible pumps generating 25 psi or more and automatically performs 3.0 gph, 0.2 gph and 0.1 gph line tests, as well as other line pressure checks, with positive
submersible pump shutdown in the event of a leak.


The TS-LS500 AutoLearn™ system automatically learns exact pipeline characteristics without any further pipe type and length programming. Although an optional feature of the T5 Series Fuel Management System, the TS-LS500 AutoLearn™  can also be used as a stand-alone ELLD system. It includes the industry’s first Statistical Line Leak Detection feature for high throughput sites.

The TS-LS300 AutoLearn™ line leak detection system is compatible with any INCON™ brand TS-1001, TS-2001, TS-504 or TS-508 tank gauge, or can run independently. With
the option to monitor via ATG and System Sentinel™, it is third party certified for 0% probability of false alarm. The TS-LS300 AutoLearn™ system eliminates the need for
factory calibration or on-site field judgments for set-up and provides immediate notification of alarm condition, plus printed compliance reports

The TS-LLD (line sentinel) line leak detector uses patented, flow-based technology to perform multiple line tightness tests. The TS-LLD leak detector performs gross leak tests after each 3.0 gph dispense, the monthly 0.2 gph test and the annual 0.1 gph test, as well as positive shutdown if a leak is detected. Tests are performed at full pump pressure to ensure integrity of lines. TS-LLD carries numerous regulatory approvals and is low-cost. The wireless installation retrofits easily into the existing submersible turbine pump housings without the need for excavation.

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