TS-550 evo™ Provides Fuel Management Solution

A Shell site in Novorizhskaya, outside Moscow, required a new fuel management system. Seeking to replace their pressurized leak detection system (PLLD), they selected Franklin Fueling Systems’ TS-550 evo™.

Shell acquired the Novorizhskaya site in 2015 and decided to replace the existing fuel management system with Franklin Fueling Systems’ TS-550 evo™, due to Franklin’s ability to offer a total system solution.

The Novorizhskaya site is a 24/7 site based on a busy highway. This meant that the installation had to be conducted under full operational conditions. For optimum efficiency the new system needed to be installed in place of the old system, with minimal space available.

Franklin’s TS-550 evo™ fuel management system with Electrical Line Leak Detection (ELLD) was selected, because of the comprehensive monitoring it provides. As a standard feature of ELLD, AutoLearn™ automatically learns the pressure characteristics of each pipeline for precision leak detection. By automatically learning the pressure characteristics, AutoLearn™ eliminates the need to enter pipe lengths and diameters, removing the potential for human error.

The existing pumps were replaced with FE PETRO® Submersible Turbine Pumps (STPs). The STPs were installed with TS-LS500 transducer kits to enable ELLD. Additionally, new probes and sensors were installed in the existing tanks to provide density measurement and other upgraded features for the multiple product lines.

The TS-550 evo™ LON module was selected to allow communication with the point of sale system on site, with all connections rewired into the TS-550 evo™. Now the site owner can view shift reports, alarms, delivery reports, monitor product levels and much more. With a comprehensive fuel management system in place and more efficient, energy-saving STPs, the Novorizhskaya site benefits from increased efficiency and reduced total cost of ownership.


  • INCON® TS-550 evo™ Fuel Management System with density measurement
  • 7 x FE PETRO® Variable Speed STPs with ROSTEST approval for Eastern European markets.
  • TSP-DDS discriminating dispenser sump Brite™ sensor

Download the PDF of this case study here.