How Can I Prevent Cross Drops Impacting My Customers?

Find out how Franklin Fueling Systems’ Density Measurement Float Kits can help you.

Putting the wrong fuel in your car is a costly mistake that can cause serious damage to your engine. Thankfully, if you realize your mistake and avoid turning the engine on until the mis-fuel has been cleaned up, you can avoid the worst of the damage. As bad as putting the wrong fuel in your own car is, it is far worse if the wrong fuel is delivered to the service station fuel tank. This is known as a “cross drop”.

In the case of a cross drop customers have no way of knowing that they have put the wrong fuel in their car until they start the engine and the damage is done. The incorrect fuel can cause damage to the customer’s fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel filter, fuel injector and could even result in needing a total engine replacement. This could turn into a large expense and bad publicity for station owners.

Franklin Fueling Systems’ INCON® brand Density Measurement Float Kits can help you automatically detect a “cross-drop” before the wrong fuel is dispensed to your customer’s vehicle. Density measurement is automatically detected based on the distance between the calibrated product and density floats. As the density of the fuel changes, the gap between the floats will increase or decrease in proportion to the change. The tank gauge receives this information from the probe and uses it to calculate and display the current density of the fuel. Since diesel and petrol have different densities, the tank gauge will alert you to the discrepancy and even shut down the pumps before damage is done.

To find out more, download our Ask A Product Manager .pdf here, or check out our website to see how our probes and float kits can help you.