How Do I Know What Hose I Need?

Get the right hose for the job with our guide to Franklin Fueling Systems hose solutions.SOFTWALL OR HARDWALL
What’s the difference between Softwall and Hardwall hoses? Softwall hose offers additional flexibility, making it ideal for reel or retractor applications where longer lengths are required. Hardwall hose has a wire mesh braid to help it last longer and
keep it more rigid.

What’s special about marina hose? Marina hose is highly flexible to accommodate the longer hose lengths needed for running the length of docks and piers. It also features an
integrated spring inside of each hose end which provides extra strength and prevents kinking.

What hose would be needed for fuel containing 15% Ethanol? A speciality hose is needed for greater than 15% Ethanol, as tube construction must meet the E25/E85 compatibility test requirements of UL 87A.

What hose is recommended for temperatures below freezing? Most hardwall and softwall curb pump hoses function in temperatures down to -25˚F (-31 ˚C). For temperatures below -25˚F (-31 ˚C) a special hose is recommended.

Which hose is suitable for personal use? Softwall multi-use hoses are ideal for agricultural, construction or industrial service applications where UL approval is not required.

Which hose is suitable for use with DEF? DEF/AdBlue® must not be exposed to copper, brass, nickel, or epoxy resins and so requires a special hose.

What is Low Permeation hose? Low Permeation hose reduces the diffusion of fuel through the hose wall, which helps to control air pollution. This type of hose is specifically mandated to be used in some regions.

Available in hardwall and softwall options, ¼” service station air hose is designed for tire inflation service from towers, reels or curb connections.

Franklin Fueling Systems offer a complete range of hoses:

  • FLEX-ON™ hardwall hoses are the workhorse of our hose offering. Available in multiple diameters, lengths, colors and fitting options.
  • FLEX-ON™ marina hose is UL and cUL certified for dispensing gasoline at both fresh and salt water marinas. • Ethan-ALL™ dispensing hose assemblies are UL certified for use in ethanol dispensing applications up to E85.
  • FLEX-COLD™ cold weather hose is uniquely designed for temperatures down to -65 ˚F (-54 ˚C).
  • AGRI-FLEX™ farm hose is an economical multi-use type hose for dispensing gasoline, grease, kerosene and petroleum oils from farm and barrel-type pumps.
  • FLEX-ING™ diesel exhaust fluid hose is completely compatible with DEF/AdBlue®.
  • HEALY™ Low permeation coaxial vapor recovery hose is CARB-approved and comes with stainless steel fittings.
  • FLEX-ING™ ¼” service station air hose is an economical air and water hose ideal for a wide range of industrial, construction and agricultural applications.

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