Advanced Protection Option Resists Corrosion

When a customer experienced re-occurring corrosion issues, despite the use of biocides, rigorous cleaning, dedicated deliveries and anti-corrosion applications, they turned to Franklin’s Advanced Protection STPs.

Certain applications, such as Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) or High Ethanol fuel are more prone to microbial activity, which can result in accelerated corrosion of in-tank and in-sump equipment. When this microbial activity occurs in-tank, exposed items like the STP can become difficult to service and cause corrosion debris in the tank. Debris can in turn can get into the fuel delivery system and damage or clog other equipment.

For our customer, this meant added expense cleaning tanks and downtime to repair equipment damaged by the corrosion. To combat these added expenses, our customer utilized biocides, anti-corrosion applications, and dedicated deliveries, but none were satisfactory in resisting accelerated corrosion.

Franklin recommended that the customer try our Advanced Protection STPs, specifically designed to resist accelerated corrosion caused by the byproduct of microbial activity.

Building on the internal Alcohol-Gasoline construction for biofuel compatibility, the Advanced Protection option includes powder-coated and e-coated finishes to protect the exterior cast surfaces, as well as stainless steel fasteners, riser, coupler and variable length column pipe assembly.

FE Petro™ Intake Filter Screens (IFS) provided an added defense against the in-tank debris that existed from the previous accelerated corrosion issues. The IFS prevents
debris as small as a grain of sand (0.009” openings) from entering the pumping system, without reducing the output performance of the STP.

After installing the Advanced Protection pump for a seven month trial, our customer was so impressed with the performance that they have made the Advanced Protection option a standard feature of their STP specification moving forward.


  • FE Petro™ Advanced Protection STPs available as factory installed ‘AP’ option on STPAG and IST models that carry UL listed biofuel compatibility.
  • FE Petro™ Intake Filter Screen, available as factory installed ‘K’ option.

Download the PDF of this case study here.