UPP™Provides Multi-Liquid Aboveground Solution

In 2013 Heathrow Airport invested in a new facility for the storage and dispensing of Glycol based de-icing liquids, Diesel, GasOil and AdBlue® for their air-side de-icing vehicle fleet. Franklin Fueling Systems offered the perfect solution.

The aim of the project was to ensure that Heathrow Airport had sufficient storage of de-icing liquid and fuel to keep runways open and flights moving in times of bad weather. The installation had to be quick, as Heathrow Airport needed the facility to be completed
before winter set in.

The site required a pipework system that could handle the delivery and dispensing of Diesel, GasOil, AdBlue and Glycol, with all the associated containment and contamination requirements. As this was an above ground installation, the pipework system had to
be suitable to resist UV exposure and resilient against bad weather.

UPP™ pipework met the compatibility criteria for all four liquids, as well as being suitable for above ground installation thanks to its UV stability. The semi-rigid
UPP™ pipe was faster, easier and safer to install than a steel system would have been. This is due to the lightweight nature of UPP™ and the efficiency of the electrofusion welding installation process.

UPP™pipework met all of Heathrow Airport’s requirements, providing a comprehensive solution for all of their pipework needs. The electrofusion welding procedure helped to reduce the total cost of ownership for the system, providing a faster installation with fewer fittings and significantly reduced potential leak paths.

A Franklin TS-550 evo™ fuel management system was chosen to monitor the inventory levels in all tanks and to provide live information back to the airport’s own wetstock monitoring system.


  • TS-550 evo™ Fuel Management System
  • UPP™ Pipework
    • Glycol / Diesel / GasOil Fill Lines : 175m of 125 / 110mm pipe
    • Diesel / GasOil Dispensing Lines: 250m of 110 / 90mm and 63 / 50mm pipe
    • Glycol Dispensing Lines: 250m of 90mm pipe
    • AdBlue® Fill Lines: 55m of 63mm pipe
    • AdBlue® Dispensing Lines: 50m of 40 / 32mm pipe

Download the PDF of this case study here.