The Best Choices For A 24-Hour Filling And Service Station

What equipment should I have for a safe and secure 24-hour filling and service station?

24-hour service stations present unique opportunities and challenges for service station owners. One of the biggest concerns is ensuring the security of an unstaffed site that
continues to serve customers throughout the night. Criminals and thieves may be more tempted to target an unattended 24-hour site under the cover of darkness. A 24-hour site benefits from an efficient system to deter thieves and improve security and system monitoring. Accurate monitoring and integrated systems can greatly reduce operating costs and improve security of a 24-hour service station.

The TS-550 evo™ fuel management system offers additional services that move beyond fuel management to help you improve security and efficiency on your site. The TS-550 evo™ can be integrated with motion detection sensors that will automatically activate your stations’ lighting system when a customer pulls in and deactivate when the customer leaves. This not only improves security with a well-lit site, but also saves  money on lighting costs.

Pairing the TS-550 evo™ with a magnetic sensor device on your dispenser access panels or your exterior doors enables you to sound an alarm if either are opened when they shouldn’t be. You can sound an audible alarm to scare off potential thieves or send a text message or email directly to yourself or the authorities.

The TS-550 evo™ can also be paired with common convenience store equipment such as refrigerators and food preparation equipment to create an alarm if refrigerator doors are left open and automatically turn off high energy consuming equipment such as ovens overnight.

Statistical Line Leak Detection (SLLD) eliminates the need for annual leak testing, replacing it with continuous detection. SLLD is perfect for busy 24-hour sites with high fuel sales volume and few quiet periods, able to achieve 0.2 gph leak testing.

Break away valves and shear valves can help prevent drive offs from becoming major disasters. EBW™ brand Safety-Server™ break aways uncouple and instantly seal off both ends of a break to prevent damage to dispensers and major fuel spills. EBW™ brand shear valves immediately stop product flow in the event of a fire or collision at the dispenser to prevent fuel spills. At an unattended site these measures are vital to prevent a moderate disaster becoming significantly worse and more costly.

Lockable fill and vapor caps prevent thieves from accessing fuel in underground tanks,
while locked composite access covers prevent thieves from accessing the submersible area to steal fuel, steal equipment or disconnect wires.

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