Success with Fuel Management System in Oman

In the Autumn of 2014 Franklin Fueling Systems installed a fuel management system for Shell in Gerdha, Oman. Read on to find out how Franklin’s advanced TS-550 evo™ made a difference to this site.

For this new project Shell needed a modern fuel management system that was able to accurately measure inventory levels, detect leaks and monitor other vital site information. Shell required this new site to uphold their values of efficiency, safety and
environmental protection.

The TS-550 evo™ fuel management system was installed with an array of sensors to provide highly accurate reports. With clear, colorful notifications the TS-550 evo™ provides complete clarity in alarm situations, including leaks of just 0.1 GPH, density measurement, phase separation and more.

TSP-DMS sensors were installed in the tank sumps and dispenser sumps to detect water and product levels and trigger alarms if needed. INCON™ brand density floats were installed to monitor fuel quality and detect cross-drop; in case of a mis-filled storage tank the density float will alert the TS-550 evo™ to shut down any affected pumps.

Secondary Containment Monitoring was installed on double wall pipework lines to monitor the interstitial spaces for liquid.  Mag VFC™ variable frequency pump controllers were paired with FE Petro™ variable speed submersible pumps to provide maximum efficiency in terms of flow rates and energy consumption at all times.

Shell can now remotely monitor the site for inventory values as well as for the complete status. This allows Shell to be confident that they have all the information they need about their system at the touch of a button. Remote access makes it easier than ever to monitor the site and diagnose potential problems, saving time on regular maintenance.


  • INCON™ TS-550 evo™ Fuel Management System with density measurement
  • TS-LS500 AutoLearn™ Electronic Line Leak Detection
  • TS-SCM Secondary Containment Monitoring
  • FE Petro™ Variable Speed Submersible Turbine Pumps
  • TS-DMS Discriminating Magnetostrictive Senso

Download the PDF of this case study here.