New Digital Inventory & Leak Detection Probes

Franklin Fueling Systems is pleased to announce the launch of our new INCON® brand digital inventory and leak detection probes. Built on our solid LL2 model probe platform, these new probes feature enhanced data communication capabilities and a new tank bottom mount design.

Both of these new features allow for faster installation and setup. Another unique new feature is an integrated vibration motor built into the probe head. This motor combats stiction (static friction between the probe shaft and float) that can have negative effects on the accuracy of tank levels or leak detection.


  • Digital inventory and leak detection probes are designed to be installed resting on the bottom of the tank and are supplied with hardware to support this installation method.
  • They are backward compatible with all Franklin Fueling Systems tank monitoring systems. See installation and programming instructions for details.
  • The digital probes now automatically send important setup data to the tank gauge while in UDP mode, saving technicians time and effort. This data includes:
    • Probe gradient
    • Probe type
    • Probe length
    • Serial number
  • There are two modes of operation:
    • The new Universal Device Protocol (UDP) Mode communicates digitally and provides enhanced functionality. UDP mode can only be used on TS-550 evo™ systems with software version greater
      than 2.6.0.
    • The LL2 Emulation Mode can be used on all other existing Franklin Fueling Systems consoles, which include the TS1001/2001, 504/508, 750, the T5 Series , Colibri®, and TS-550 evo™.
Legacy Probe Black Probe Head TSP-LL2-XX
Digital Leak Detection Probe Blue Probe Head FMP-LL3-XX
Inventory Control Probe Green Probe Head FMP-LL3-XX-I


  • Digital Inventory & Leak Detection Probe Installation Guide (part number 409723001)
  • Digital Inventory & Leak Detection Probe Quick Reference Guide (part number FFS 000-0293)
  • Digital inventory and leak detection probes can be installed using the following cap and adapter kits:
    • TSP-C2A – 2” riser cap and adapter with NPT threads for bottom mount probes
    • TSP-C2B – 2” riser cap and adapter with BSP threads for bottom mount probes
    • TSP-C4A – 4” riser cap and adapter with NPT threads for bottom mount probes
    • TSP-C4B  – 4” riser cap and adapter with BSP threads for bottom mount probes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I set the digital probes mode of operation.
A: The mode of operation is easily set by the wiring configuration. See the Digital Inventory & Leak Detection Probe Installation Guide (part number 409723001).

Q: Can I use a digital probe to replace an LL2 probe?
A: Yes, the digital probes can be used as a replacement for an LL2 probe. The original K4A or K2A install kit can be used with the new digital probe as well. Simply remove and discard the hanging plate and the chain prior to installing the digital probe.

Q: Can I have digital probes and LL2 probes running on the same console?
A: Yes, the digital probes were designed to work along side the LL2 probes, either on the same module or in
the same console.


Log onto the Fuel Management System console and navigate to Setup | Parameters | Probe Modules.

UDP Mode

Under Probe Modules select FMP-LL3 for the Probe Type.
Select the appropriate FMP-LL3 Probe Channel for the corresponding Tank under Fuel Management Systems.
Information will fill in automatically for Type, Serial Number and Gradient.

LL2 Emulation Mode

Programming is identical to existing TSP-LL2 programming configuration.
Refer to the console’s Programming Guide for more information.