How Can I Help Prevent Fuel Dispenser Skimming?

What can service station owners do to prevent fuel dispenser skimming?

What is fuel dispenser skimming?

“Skimmers” are devices placed at fuel dispenser pumps that capture customers’ credit and debit card information from at-pump card readers. When placed within the pump cabinet skimmers are not usually visible from the outside of the pump and so can be hard to spot. Fuel dispenser skimming is a serious issue; more than 150 skimmers were found at service stations in one US state alone last year. To help you spot skimmers, remember:

  • Criminals usually place skimmers on the pumps farthest away from the storefront to avoid being seen.
  • Open pump dispensers or torn security tape could indicate that a pump has been tampered with.
  • Criminals will sometimes use an accomplice to block the store clerk’s view with a large vehicle while another person installs a skimmer.
  • Criminals sometimes access the information stored on the skimmer using remote technology. If a car is parked in the lot for a prolonged period of time with the person within it, it could be an individual accessing illegally obtained financial information.

What can I do to prevent skimming?

INCON™ brand TS-550 evo™ fuel management systems feature highly sophisticated processors and software. The powerful rules engine allows you to wire various inputs and outputs to determine if your fuel dispenser pump is being tampered with and, if so, to take several actions.

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