How Do Nexus Series Sumps Reduce Installation Time?

When Franklin Fueling Systems’ global customer Shell Oil needed an under dispenser containment sump (UDC) designed specifically to meet Shell global design requirements they turned to Franklin for a solution.

The goal of the new UDC design was to reduce installation time and increase the proportion of work which could be carried out off-site in fully controlled, and therefore safer, working environments.

The legacy sump design requires multiple pipe penetrations and double wall pipe reductions per fuel line for intermediate sumps, as the pipe has to enter on one side and exit the other. This made the total number of individual fittings required very large, increasing the material costs and on-site installation time required.

With the new Nexus Series UDC the pipe enters the sump from the bottom via an electrofusion entry seal, so only one pipe penetration is required per line. The modular design of the sump, sump frame and riser pipe sections allows complete pre-fit of parts off-site in safe and controlled environments.

The sump has pre-measured pipe inlet positions with clear guide markings for installers so they no longer have to measure these out. The new Nexus Series UDC allows double wall transition fittings to be used, which dramatically reduce the number of fittings and installation time required.

Using the Nexus Series UDC on a 4 product vapour recovery dispenser at a UK installation, requires 2.5 hours less installation time compared to the legacy sump design. On a large 8 island site this time saving accrued to 20 hours or 2.5 working days. Over one hour of build time for each sump can now be shifted off site, helping to reduce exposure hours for workers on site as well as further reducing overall site build times.

Legacy Sump Nexus Series UDC
UDC off-site pre-fit n/a 77 mins
UDC on-site secure frame n/a 45 mins
Adjust riser lengths 30 mins n/a
Attach sump to frame n/a 6 mins
Connect pipework to UDC 300 mins 52 mins
Total on-site installation time 330 mins 103 mins
Total target time 330 mins 180 mins

The Nexus Series UDC can be installed nearly 70% faster than the legacy UDC.


  • Nexus Series UDC dispenser sumps
  • UPP® Pipework
  • Gemini™ containment fittings

Download the PDF of this case study here.