How Can UPP® Pipework Be Used For Marina Applications?

Discover the advantages of UPP® for Marina Applications.


Marina applications have a unique set of requirements compared to other installations. The required flow rates can be very high due to the volume of fuel being dispensed and the need for optimal refueling speed. Due to their location, environmental protection for marina petroleum operation is critical. The harsh weather conditions, potential exposure to salt water and the water movement of tides and waves all put stress on the pipe and increase the risk of leaks. The long pipe runs typical in marina applications are particularly vulnerable to environmental stress.

UPP® is non-corrosive and unlike steel will not corrode even in salt water environments. Only 20% the weight of steel pipe, UPP® is easier and safer to install while remaining structurally resistant to damage during installation. UPP® is flexible enough to accommodate tidal movements and waves and can be laid in curves to accommodate thermal expansion or ground movement and reduce hydraulic hammer.

Secondary contained pipework offers complete environmental protection. Award winning UPP® Gemini secondary contained fittings feature a unique two-piece design that can be fully welded and tested before closing the secondary. Elbow and straight fittings enable rapid changes of direction, reducing pipe costs and installation time.

UPP® uses an electro-fusion welder and welding process to effectively bond system components together into one homogeneous system with no potential leak paths. The welding process uses the lightweight, portable UPP® electrofusion welder unit to form the strongest of assemblies, which is easily and quickly carried out – even in confined spaces.

Patented UPP® brand entry seals weld directly to the sump or chamber; after welding the seal, sump and pipework become one solid structure, creating a 100% leak proof system.After this simple installation process, the security and integrity of a liquid tight installation will remain for the lifetime of the site and provide unmatched resistance to ground movement.

After connecting a welder and its leads to a fitting, the installer presses a single button to initiate the welding process. The welder calculates the exact settings needed, regardless of pipe diameter or component, making installation safe and simple in virtually any climate or weather condition. There is nothing for the installer to input and no language barrier to overcome, with the same process for all types of pipe runs.

The UPP® Electrofusion Welder is compatible with all UPP® fittings and products and has been used on thousands of installation sites around the world. The rugged water and
dust proof welder features a state-of-the-art graphical display that illustrates the progress of the electrofusion process and provides visual indication of a completed weld.

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