How Can I Protect My Site From Theft?

What steps can station owners take to protect their fuel?

Our T5 series tank gauges feature highly sophisticated processors and software. The powerful rules engine allows you to wire various inputs and outputs to determine if a legitimate transaction is underway and, if not, to take several actions:

  • Sound audible alarm (scare the thieves)
  • Silent alarm (send email to site owner, police dept., etc.)
  • Turn on floodlights and/or CCTV cameras
  • Trigger other theft deterrent systems
  • Combinations of actions above

Pairing the T5 series fuel management system with a few third-party sensors or accessories can greatly improve your ability to protect your fuel.

Magnetic sensor device

A magnetic contact sensor includes two surface mounted magnets which can send a signal to a controller when one magnet moves away from the other. Mounting a magnetic
sensor device on your dispenser access panels or your exterior doors and pairing with a T5 series tank gauge provides added security against theft. You can program the tank gauge to sound an audible alarm or send a text message or email alert to you or the authorities if either are opened when they shouldn’t be. The ability of the tank gauge to alert you to tampering with the pumps, such as during the installation of a credit card skimmer, is also possible.


Reconciliation of sales from the dispenser to the inventory in the tank is another way of detecting theft. Our automatic tank gauges continuously monitor sales data from the dispensers and compares it to how the volume in the tank changes. The console, showing the variance of a specific tank for a specified time frame, can generate reports. A large negative variance indicates the removal of fuel from a tank without being dispensed into a customer’s vehicle.

There are many more ways that you can protect your site from theft. To find out more, download our Ask A Product Manager article or visit our website.