How Do I Protect My Site From Leaks, Spills and Overfills?

Check out the latest must-have environmental protection equipment.

Petroleum equipment has come a long way in the last 30 years. As environmental protection becomes more of a priority, leak, spill, and overfill prevention equipment has evolved to be even more safe and sophisticated. Here’s a look at the latest innovations from Franklin Fueling Systems, designed specifically to protect your site from costly leaks, spills and overfills.

Since being introduced as the world’s first electrofusion pipework system for fuel applications over 30 years ago, UPP® brand semi-rigid pipework has become
known globally as the standard for watertight electrofusion welded pipework systems. UPP® brand pipework utilizes the advanced electrofusion welding process to effectively bond system components including pipework and containment together into one watertight system.

Electronic Line Leak Detection (ELLD) is a pressure-based system that uses line information to monitor changes in pressure during periods of no dispensing. It determines if a line is tight or if there is a leak and will provide 3.0 gph hourly, 0.2 gph monthly and 0.1 gph annual precision line leak detection. As a standard feature of ELLD, AutoLearn® automatically learns the pressure characteristics of each pipeline, for precision leak detection.

The EBW® brand offering of monitoring well equipment includes all of the hardware
components necessary to operate and properly maintain a monitoring well. When
combined with INCON® brand monitoring well sensors, you have the ability to accurately detect the presence of hydrocarbon floating on groundwater. This can be programmed to trigger a number of alarm actions, allowing you to react immediately.

The foremost function of a spill container is to keep spills in and keep water out, all while enduring constant attack from weather, forecourt traffic, and continuous fuel delivery handling. The rugged concrete ring, sturdy snowplow ring, integrated liquid
dam and gasketed lid keep the Defender Series® capturing spills and repelling water intrusion for maximum protection of your liquid investment.

The Defender Series® lets you choose a single-wall spill containment option with the ability to upgrade to a double-wall spill containment option in the future for twice the
protection. The upgrade is simple and can be carried out without having to break concrete; an expense and hassle that no one wants to encounter.

The Defender Series® overfill prevention valve (OPV) prevents the overfill of an underground storage tank during a gravity-fed product delivery. It employs a revolutionary magnetically coupled actuator system to provide positive shutoff. This unique method of shutoff eliminates any penetrations in the valve, making it both vapor and leak tight. The Defender Series® OPV provides safe, rapid, and reliable fuel drops with simple installation, service, and remote testing capability.

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