Postponing an Evo-CM Controller Module Registration

Did you know that you can postpone new TS-550 evo™ controller module registration for up to 17 days after installation? Make sure the site you’re working on can resume normal operation immediately.

When you install an EVO-CM spare controller module in a TS-550 evo™ or TS-5000 evo™, you must register it with Franklin Fueling Systems (FFS) to make sure it has the necessary software. You can, however, postpone registration for up to 17 days, so your site can resume normal operation immediately. The following procedure
explains this process:

  1. Install a replacement EVO-CM. All software options are available for 17 days.
  2. Turn on the TS-550 evo™ or TS-5000 evo™. A warning message appears stating that the EVO-CM is not registered. (This message is displayed until you register your EVO-CM.)
TS-550 evo

IMPORTANT: When you run Erase Archives or Erase Archives and Wait, you get access to the full registration options for 17 days from the date you installed your EVO-CM. After 17 days, the EVO-CM loses all temporary software options. To prevent this, register your EVO-CM within 17 days of the date you installed it.

3. Register your EVO-CM spare controller module:

  • Note the serial number of your TS-550 evo™ or TS-5000 evo™ .
  • Contact FFS Technical Support at +1.800.984.6266, Monday through Friday from 7 am to 7 pm (Central).

IMPORTANT: The EVO-CM spare controller module must have firmware version or greater. To upgrade a module’s firmware, see TB0615-1, Upgrading the Registration on a Franklin Fueling Systems Tank Monitor. Go to:>Products>Fuel Management Systems>Tank Gauge Consoles>
TS-550 evo & TS-5000 evo>Downloads> Technical>TB: Upgrading the registration on a Franklin Fueling System’s tank monitor.