New Composite Access Cover Lifting Tool

Franklin Fueling Systems recently announced the addition of several new UPP® brand Composite Access Covers to replace the existing 35” (900mm) PCC90 and PCC90-DIP access covers. The new covers feature an improved composite construction and include model options that meet both EN124 Class C250 and D400 load rating standards.

IMPORTANT: Installers and maintenance personnel should note that the new cover options are NOT a direct replacements for the existing PCC90 composite access covers. The new models will NOT fit into the same footprint of the legacy models. Replacement gaskets, dip caps, locking mechanisms and lifting tools are NOT interchangeable between the new and legacy models. Please be sure to use the appropriate lid lifting tool (P/N PCR-LIFT) when installing or servicing these new covers. You will not be able to open the cover using the legacy lid lifting tool.legacy-vs-new-access-covers

IDENTIFYING THE NEW COVERS: To help you identify the new covers in the field, we have provided a comparison of the new and legacy cover models below. This will help you ensure usage of the proper lid lifting tool. Note the new covers include a UPP® logo on their center (1). The new covers also feature a slightly squared design (2), whereas the legacy model is completely circular with a small notch out (3).

For more information on handling and removal of the PCR106 composite access covers, please see our Tech Update Composite Access Cover Handling and Removal.

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