MagVFC Display Definitions

The MagVFC Variable Frequency Controller for variable speed submersible pumps is equipped with a display that indicates several operating parameters of the MagVFC as well as indicates an error code when a fault is detected. When the MagVFC is in an error condition, the alarm code will be displayed. The alarm code definitions and proposed troubleshooting methods are in the Troubleshooting section of this manual.

These codes are status codes and do not indicate an alarm condition.

ID = Idle
Description: No hook signal present, PMA is not running, and no fault codes present
When Pump is idle (i.e. no hook signal is present)

xx:yy = Software Revision
Description: Software version of MagVFC where numeric value xx displays and then value yy to form the revision xx.yy. Note: If the display stops on yy, there may be an issue of low incoming voltage or loose input power connections.
Displayed: Immediately after the MagVFC has been reset or turned ON

Pr:NN = Pressure Regulate
Description: Pr is the pressure setting of NN psi that the MagVFC is set to maintain. Pr and the numeric value NN of the set pressure will flash alternately on the display when running
MagVFC is running and operating within pressure regulate setting

PL = Power Limit
Description: Displayed when MagVFC is operating at its power limit
MagVFC is running and operating beyond pressure regulate setting

Sr = Slave Running
Description: Displayed when a slave in a Master-Slave configuration is running
On slave pump only when operating

You can view the full MagVFC Installation and Owner’s Manual here. Pages 15 – 20 cover Troubleshooting specifically.