New Defender Series® Below Grade Spill Containers

Franklin Fueling Systems is pleased to announce the launch of our new Defender Series® below grade spill containers. These new five gallon spill containers bring all of the features and benefits you’ve come to rely on from our original Defender Series® grade level spill container, in a new below grade design. These below grade models feature a double wall spill container with a gasketed lock-down lid housed inside of an 18” solid steel manway.


  • Double wall protection complete with integrated visual interstitial integrity monitor or electronic sensor monitoring options for the secondary containment space.
  • Flush fiberglass composite manway lid allowing forecourt traffic to pass cleanly over top.
  • Gasketed lock-down cover seals water out (includes security locking tabs).
  • Install easily, and cleanly into the included 18” manway for simple installation.
  • These Defender Series® below grade spill containers are available to order immediately.

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