Setting EVO™ Series High and High High Alarms Without Calculations

EVO™ Series software allows you to set the High and High High alarms without using tank charts to calculate percentages. You can use this feature through either the EVO™ Series display or the Web interface with an ethernet cable or remote internet connection. The following procedure explains how to use the Web interface. You can download the PDF version here.

NOTE: Fore more information about connecting through the Web, please see the Fuel Management System Programming Guide (part number 000-2173).

  1. Go to: System>Setup>Parameters>Fuel Management Systems in the Web interface.
  2. Choose Volume from the High Product Limit drop-down list, and choose Percentages from the High/Low Product Limits drop-down list.
  3. Go to the Tanks section. For each tank at your site, go to the Limits section, and choose a percentage from both the High High Product Volume Limit and High Product Volume Limit drop-down lists.


Fuel Management System Programming Guide 

Tech Bulletin: Setting EVO High and High High Alarms