Converting a TS-EMS or TS-550/5000 Dispenser Interface from Wayne™ Nucleus to Gilbraco™ Passport

The following procedure explains how to change the dispenser interface connections and programming parameters when you convert a Point of Service (POS) system from Wayne™ Nucleus to Gilbarco™ Passport.

Required parts:

  • Dongle cable (Gilbarco™ part number M09747B010)
  • TSP – GSDCBL – Gilbarco™ GSite Cable Kit:
  • GSite cable (Gilbarco™ part number 600-0205)
  • RJ45 to DB9 adaptor (Gilbarco™ part number 601-1002)
  • Passport serial adaptor (Gilbarco™ part number 601-1005)

Documentation resources:

  • TS-DIMIB Diagnostics (FFS part # 000-0274, Rev. A)
  • Vapor Recovery Monitoring Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual (FFS part # 000-2058, Rev. F)
  • Connecting a T5 Series FMS to a Gilbarco™ Passport (FFS Technical Bulletin TB0313-09)


  1. Remove the current TS Dispenser Interface Module (TS-DIMIB) connection, and replace it with the cable
    and adaptors in the Gilbarco™ GSite Cable Kit.
  2. Choose a port to connect to for sales data. (Use port 5 if it is available.) You use this to connect to the
  3. Use Gilbarco™ GSite Cable Kit to connect the RJ45 to DB9 adaptor (Gilbarco™ part number 601-1002) to the
    422/232 port on the TS-EMS dispenser interface.
  4. Connect the Passport serial adaptor (Gilbarco™ part number 601-1005) to the end of the dongle cable
    (Gilbarco™ part number M09747B010).
  5. Connect the dongle cable to a port on the dispenser security hub (port 5 if available).
  6. Configure the port for Gilbarco™ Passport according to the following settings:
    a. EMC
    b. Baud 1200
    c. Data Bits – 7
    d. Stop Bits – 1
    e. Parity – even


Fuel Management System Programming Guide 

Tech Bulletin: Converting an EMS Dispenser Interface from Wayne Nucleus to Gilbarco Passport