New EVO™ 200 & EVO™ 400 ATGs

Franklin Fueling Systems recently announced the addition of the EVO™ 200 and EVO™ 400 to our existing lineup of EVO™ Series Automatic Tank Gauges. These new models feature everything you’ve come to expect from our EVO™ 550 and EVO™ 5000 ATGs in packages that are right-sized for small sites and up-and-coming station networks. The EVO™ 200 & EVO™ 400 ATGs provide highly accurate inventory management and containment monitoring for small to mid-size fuel systems. Both ATGs feature the capability to interface with probes and sensors in any combination up to 6 (EVO™ 200) or 14 (EVO™ 400).

Download the full Tech Update PDF here 

What’s Important for Technicians to Know? 

The new EVO™ 200 and EVO™ 400 ATGs are compatible with 2-wire sensors only. New 2-wire versions of existing 3-wire sensors are now available. These new ATGs are not compatible with existing 3-wire sensors and thus, they require different wiring connections.  Use the diagram below to assist with wiring new 2-wire sensors to EVO™ 200 and EVO™ 400 ATGs.

EVO 200 EVO 400 sensor wiring @2x
EVO™ 200 & EVO™ 400 sensor wiring

FREE Online Training Through 2017

We are offering a full set of FREE online training modules for the new EVO™ 200 and EVO™ 400 ATGs at FFS PRO™ University now through the end of 2017. Use the links below to access each online training module.

EVO™ 200 & EVO™ 400 Installation

  • cs-automatic-tank-gaugeAutomatic Tank Gauges
    • Models & Features; Installation
  • Sensors
    • Models & Features; Installation
  • Probes
    • Models & Features; Installation
  • Accessories
    • Models & Features; Installation

EVO™ 200 & EVO™ 400 Wiring

  • cs-automatic-tank-gaugeIntrinsically Safe Wiring
    • Overview; UDP Probes & Sensors
  • Non-Intrinsically Safe Wiring
    • Consoles; Relays; Dry Contacts
  • Communication Ports
  • Remote Alarms
  • Turbine Pump Interface
    • Wiring & Controller Setup


EVO™ 200 & EVO™ 400 Site Startup

  • Navigation & Initial Programming
    • Console Navigation; Initial Configuration
  • FFS PROConnect
  • Dispenser Interface
  • Turbine Pump Interface
    • Features; Leveling-Priority; Parameters