New Cable Tight™ Wire Management System

Franklin Fueling Systems recently announced the launch of the Cable Tight™ wire management system. This system provides a true watertight end-to-end solution for electrical, sensor, and data wire management. With the safe and easy electrofusion welding installation process, the HDPE-constructed electrical conduit, entry seals,  and sumps are joined together to form one seamless system.

Download the full Tech Update PDF here

What’s Important for Technicians to Know

INSTALLATION: The electrofusion welding installation process is safe and simple to execute using our handheld electrofusion welder tool. With the Cable Tight™ system, you simply install the rigid conduit at each end of the containment (either fiberglass or polyethylene sumps), run the flexible conduit, and connect at the electrical trough. To help you visualize the installation, we’ve put together three installation videos that show you exactly how the Cable Tight™ system is installed in both fiberglass and polyethylene tank sumps, at dispenser sumps, as well as at electrical troughs.

Polyethylene Tank Sump Installation
Fiberglass Tank Sump Installation
Dispenser Sump Installation






To view the installation videos above, check out the FFS PRO University playlist on our YouTube channel.

INSTALLER TRAINING: We are offering a FREE online training module for the new Cable Tight™ system at FFS PRO™ University. The topics covered are as follows:

  • Cable Tight™ System Installation
  • Overview
    • Cable Tight™ System
    • Tools & Equipment
  • Models & Features
    • Entry Seals
    • Reducers
    • Conduit
      • Coated Rigid Metal Conduit
      • Spigotted Rigid Metal Conduit
      • Flexible Conduit
  • Electrofusion Welding
  • Installation
  • Electrical Trough Termination