Certification Compliant UL 2447 Listed

Not only were we the first to achieve the UL 2447 listing, Franklin Fueling Systems also offers the most complete system of UL 2447 listed products in the industry.

What is the UL2447 listing?

UL 2447 is a standard requirement pertaining to containment sumps, associated sump fittings and products used to enclose underground fueling system components to ensure these products are sustainable for use with the various types of fuel those products will encounter. We have held this listing on our products since October of 2017

What does it mean to you?

We’ve done the work for you in making sure the containment products you put in the ground now are compatible with both the fuels and the regulations of tomorrow. Choosing products that are UL 2447 listed now will ensure your site is in compliance with the regulations of the future and ready to handle the latest fuel types.

Find out more on our website at go.franklinfueling.com/ul2447