Four New FFS PRO® University Certification Courses Launched

We’re rolling out four new FFS PRO® University courses to help keep installers informed and up-to-date on the latest industry trends. Starting today, users can take the following courses online or request to have them included in any live training sessions.

Compliance Tester Training

Covers all aspects of testing Franklin Fueling Systems product for compliance or for annual critical inspections/ certifications. View this course here.

Secondary Containment Monitoring

Installation and programming of EVO™ series Secondary Containment Monitoring. The SCM application allows for EVO™ series to monitor vacuum of secondary Piping, Containments and tanks. Course will cover all requirements, installation of SCCM modules, calibration and programming. View this course here.

Flexible Probes

Installation and programming for EVO™ series flexible probes. Flexible probes are used in a variety of applications including large vertical tanks and unique installation where height limitations exclude the use of LL2/LL3 probes. View this course here.

Backfill and Compaction

Covers all requirements for proper backfilling around containment chambers and piping.  Review backfill requirements and methods of proper compaction of backfill. View this course here. 

The new training modules mentioned above can be found on FFS PRO® University Online Training under the Forecourt Specialist and Additional Training sections. If you would prefer face-to-face training, Live Training sessions can be arranged through our website. Simply log in to your FFS PRO® account and complete the Request Form to request a Total System Solutions™ Live Training Workshop.