Waspy’s Truck Stop First to Install Cable Tight™

Master electrician, Woody Little, from Renda Electric knows that conventional electrical conduit is susceptible to water intrusion that can infiltrate containment sumps and cause all sorts of trouble for station owners. That is why he was eager to be the first to install the watertight Cable Tight™ wire management system for Waspy’s, who was building one of Iowa’s largest truck stops. See how Little and his crew of electricians utilized the benefits of this new system to complete the job.

“If I was a store owner, I would totally want this solution for my sumps.” – Woody Little, Renda Electric


With traditional PVC conduit that is installed underground, there is no guarantee the conduit connection joints made every 10 feet are watertight or that the pipe will be strong enough to withstand the environmental and physical impacts they’re exposed to during and after installation. The glue connecting PVC conduit is not 100% waterproof which can cause weak links throughout the system, especially where rigid conduit meets PVC. Franklin Fueling Systems has been perfecting watertight fuel system pipework for over 30 years with our UPP® electrofusion welded system.
Electrofusion welding utilizes a controlled heat source to effectively meld HDPE system components into one piece, eliminating potential leak paths. Seeking to bring the integrity of wire management up to the level of our fuel pipework, we developed a purpose-fit electrofusion solution for electrical and data wiring with the Cable Tight™ System. How would the new system stack up in the hands of veteran electricians?


Looking for a site to implement Cable Tight™, Woody Little of Renda Electric saw Waspy’s massive truck stop as the perfect location to install. With 10 tanks and 16 dispensers, and an environment with a high-water table, this location had the right conditions to prove the effectiveness of the Cable Tight™ solution.


Being the first site, Little and his Renda Electric crew of electricians knew there was going to be a learning curve to install the conduit but found the process easy to learn. Plus, with electrofusion welding and continuous runs with reels up to 1,500 feet in length, there is less risk of weak links. Little’s years of experience told him that conduits leading into tank sumps are usually where leaks occur. Our flexible conduit ensures a secure, leak-proof connection to the sump, saving on future maintenance costs to remove contaminants. As Little views it, “The upfront cost may be slightly more but in the long run they are not going to have water in their sumps. Anywhere that water could get in, I’d want this in.”

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