New FLEX-ING™ Fiberglass Manways Launched

Franklin Fueling Systems is pleased to announce the launch of our FLEX-ING™ fiberglass manways. This brand new manway design provides maximum access to tank sumps with its wide flared skirt while also delivering solid durability through a full fiberglass construction.

FLEX-ING™ fiberglass manways provide maximum access to tank sumps while delivering solid durability. They feature a full fiberglass construction with a composite lightweight lid for easy access. The unique contoured skirt design expands out to 47”, providing clear access to large tank sumps as well as giving the manway added strength.

Maximum Sump Access & Water Drainage

◾Compatible with Franklin Fueling Systems 42” and 48” fiberglass tanks sumps and 45” polyethylene tank sumps.
◾The 43” inner diameter of the manway opening provides ample workspace for service and maintenance of tank sump equipment.
◾The 47” flared base of the skirt maximizes the space around the tank sump to direct water away from the sump.
◾The composite lid is constructed of many layers of high quality fiberglass bonded together with premium resin and then hand finished with the utmost attention to quality.
◾At its center, the composite lid tapers up from 1” to 1¼” in wall thickness while most competitive models remain at a uniform 1” wall thickness. This extra wall thickness provides minimal deflection and an extended service life.
◾Deep 15” fiberglass skirt extends down around the neck of the tank sump.
◾Exceeds H20 and HS20 load standards.

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