FFS PRO® Verify

FFS PRO® Verify gives you remote access to your vital installation project data anywhere and anytime by connecting you to your installers via two dedicated apps; ensuring safe, accurate, and effective installation work.

The installer’s app walks them through proper installation and connects them to our FFS PRO® team to for a remote quality review of their work while also coaching them on proper installation procedures. Meanwhile, the project manager’s app gives them a 360 view of the installer’s work for every job site – all in one place, along with downloadable reports showing all installation photos and factory-verified approvals. Visit the FFS PRO® Verify website at verify.ffspro.com.

How it works

We use a simple process that brings your installations closer to you. It’s like having one of our expert Field Service Engineers right there on site, wherever your installations take place.

  1.  Project Setup: Every site includes unique equipment and design features that are specific to that installation – so we tailor a unique set of Checkpoints to be verified for each site.
  2. Expert Training: Your chosen Site Supervisor receives free online training on the FFS PRO® Verify mobile platform so they know exactly what to do once they arrive on the job site.
  3. Remove Review: Your installers submit images of their work through our mobile app – our expert team reviews the work for installation accuracy and provides verification or corrective feedback.
  4. Install Records: Each product type gets its own installation report including photographs which can be used by maintenance providers to identify site components once the concrete is poured.

Free Online Training

A certified Site Supervisor is required to conduct FFS PRO® Verify Site Verification work. Your chosen installers can get certified for free anytime with our industry-leading online training and certification platform: FFS PRO® University. Our easy online training will have your installers  trained, certified, and ready to conduct Site Verifications on our mobile app or web interface. Visit university.ffspro.com and look for “FFS PRO® Verify Site Supervisor” training under “Additional Training”.