New Updates for FFS PRO: Site Builder

Franklin Fueling Systems launched FFS PRO: Site Builder in November 2015. The industry’s most powerful quoting tool, FFS PRO: Site Builder uses an intuitive user interface to guide you through the process of quoting a site, including a full bill of materials. Since the launch we have continued to refine the Site Builder experience using customer feedback to further improve the experience: New Updates for FFS PRO: Site Builder

New Defender Series® Below Grade Spill Containers

Franklin Fueling Systems is pleased to announce the launch of our new Defender Series® below grade spill containers. These new five gallon spill containers bring all of the features and benefits you’ve come to rely on from our original Defender Series® grade level spill container, in a new below grade design. These below grade models feature a double wall spill container with a gasketed lock-down lid housed inside of an 18” solid steel manway. New Defender Series® Below Grade Spill Containers

Smart Controller Troubleshooting

To aid field service personnel the STP-SCI Smart Controller for fixed speed single phase submersible pumps is equipped with a microprocessor control that makes it possible for the unit to diagnose abnormal operating conditions, and communicate them via LEDs on the front panel and by an audible alarm. The following is a definition of all operation and abnormal operating codes. Smart Controller Troubleshooting

MagVFC Display Definitions

The MagVFC Variable Frequency Controller for variable speed submersible pumps is equipped with a display that indicates several operating parameters of the MagVFC as well as indicates an error code when a fault is detected. When the MagVFC is in an error condition, the alarm code will be displayed. The alarm code definitions and proposed troubleshooting methods are in the Troubleshooting section of this manual. MagVFC Display Definitions