Using the TS-550 evo™ and UPP™ pipework together in our design always gives us confidence in knowing we are using the best product with the best platform. We can deliver a system to our customers that is efficient as well as dependable for decades to come.

– Brian Lescure – VP Fuel Delivery Systems, Lescure Company INC .

This Overfill Prevention Valve, combined with the testing tool, will enable Overfill Prevention Valve testing without the need for a second engineer.

– Kevin Airey, Regional Operations Manager, Johnson Controls.

The double wall termination fittings eliminated a lot of extra work. This site had 22 risers, so achieved a time saving of at least 5 ½ hours. 

– Forecourt Installation Services LTD.

The Franklin Fueling Systems products we choose for this installation are performing exactly as required and the service they provided has proved invaluable.

– Premier Group

The APT rigid entry boot provides that water tight seal that installers require while at the same time it reduces installation time.

– Ron Smith, Construction Manager, Pump & Meter Service

The Omni Series™ nozzle is the best premium, light weight vapor recovery nozzle on the market. We will continue to adopt it as our preferred brand for busy sites, scooters and self-service islands. We are happy to use the trouble-free premium Omni Series™ nozzles.

– Mr. CY Chen Equipment Manager, Oilgroup

We supplied EBW™ 662 shear valves to installers in the UK and feedback was very positive. Now we’re reducing our administration costs by purchasing these valves in one combined shipment from Franklin, along with UPP™ pipework, FE Petro™ pumps and Incon™ tank gauging.

– Trevor Mason , PFS Fueltec Ltd