Carbon Series™ Fiberglass Dispenser Sumps

Introducing our new Carbon Series™ fiberglass dispenser sumps. With both single wall and double wall versions now available, you’ll be sure to find a solution for your needs. The Carbon Series™ family of fiberglass sumps provide easy access to under-dispenser equipment while delivering serious protection from liquid intrusion and state-of-art compliance monitoring options to fit your needs and local regulations. Check out the new manufacturing techniques and monitoring options that make these the most versatile dispenser sumps in the industry. Carbon Series™ Fiberglass Dispenser Sumps

FFS PRO® Verify

FFS PRO® Verify gives you remote access to your vital installation project data anywhere and anytime by connecting you to your installers via two dedicated apps; ensuring safe, accurate, and effective installation work.

FFS PRO® Verify

Waspy’s Truck Stop First to Install Cable Tight™

Master electrician, Woody Little, from Renda Electric knows that conventional electrical conduit is susceptible to water intrusion that can infiltrate containment sumps and cause all sorts of trouble for station owners. That is why he was eager to be the first to install the watertight Cable Tight™ wire management system for Waspy’s, who was building one of Iowa’s largest truck stops. See how Little and his crew of electricians utilized the benefits of this new system to complete the job. Waspy’s Truck Stop First to Install Cable Tight™