Is Your FFS PRO™ University Profile Visible?

To comply with data protection and privacy regulations, we must provide users with the ability to make their FFS PRO University profile private.

However, in order for potential customers or inspectors to be able to search and view your profile, you need to ensure your profile is set for public viewing.

Read this guide on how to check your profile and make sure that it is visible.

New E-Forms: OPV Drop Tube Calculation

A new electronic version of the Defender Series™ Overfill Prevention Valve Installation Worksheet is now available. This includes a recently updated 95% volume height worksheet, to help ensure that the valve is installed at 95%.

This worksheet can be downloaded and completed by typing values and calculations directly into the form. You can then save the completed worksheet as a digital file or print it out for a clean and legible worksheet.

Download the interactive worksheet here.